# Odoo Upgrade

Description of the Odoo Enterprise Edition upgrade process. For Odoo Community Edition there is the OpenUpgrade project.

# Setup upgrade environment

Create new Odoo instance:

  • Create new Odoo host $ALIAS-14 by copying the folder
  • Remove database and backup config
  • Update Odoo config with Odoo 14 revision
  • Bump instance number and change port
  • Register in hosts.yml and deploy

Prepare for test upgrade:

  • Remove erp-dev database
  • Enable proxy redirect to new instance

# Upgrade from 13.0 to 14.0


The main challenge of the upgrade process is having the filestore at the right location.


Steps to upgrade a databse.

  • Set env vars
export PGHOST=localhost
export PGUSER=odoo
export PGPASSWORD=odoo
export DATABASE=erp
alias odoo-upgrade="python <(curl -s https://upgrade.odoo.com/upgrade)"
  • Start local development environment
task start db
task start src
  • Clear the local filestore and database
task drop-db erp
task clear-filestore erp
  • Export remote database to local folder and restore it
odoo-backup ...
odoo-restore ...
  • Run the upgrade script
odoo-upgrade test -d $DATABASE -t 14.0

It should automatically restore the database.

  • Switch local development environment to targeted version
task checkout 14.0
  • Test and export database
  • Upload database to test environment


Execute the same steps as for Tests except for these changes:

odoo-upgrade production -d $DATABASE -t 14.0

  • Upload database to production environment

In addition you must:

# Troubleshooting

# Modules missing

Remove specific modules that are not supported.

task remove-module erp_test_14.0_2021_04_27_09_02 auth_oauth_multi_token
task remove-module erp_test_14.0_2021_04_27_09_02 web_company_color

# Connection lost

If the connection is lost during the upgrade process, the database won't be restored.


export TOKEN=PcLKAKFELD15Eel56EbhbSwEHa9DCKTjLsoTCDZeBxgrzVb1DfW8of_Jcw
odoo-upgrade status -t $TOKEN
odoo-upgrade restore -d erp -r erp-14.0 -t $TOKEN
odoo-upgrade log -t $TOKEN

# Studio customizations missing

After the restore the console show this error:

Some dependencies may be missing: ['studio_customization']


Manually export the customizations.

# Prognostizierter Bestand ist nicht aktualisiert

Der Bericht Prognostizierter Bestand ist nicht aktuell.


Install stock_enterprise.